Fixed Priced Spent Convictions Scheme Applications

RV Legal offer assistance with spent conviction applications using a fixed price model, so you know exactly how much you’re paying to access quality legal services.

What is the Spent Convictions Scheme?

Introduced in 2021, the Spent Convictions Act 2021 (Vic) (Act) allows for some findings of guilt to become ‘spent’ before the law. This means that the convictions will no longer appear on a person’s criminal record. The scheme was begun to reduce disadvantage and discrimination for Victorians who have historically faced unfair treatment within the criminal justice system, including First Nations people.

When the Act was introduced, some convictions were immediately considered spent. These included offences committed when the person was under the age of 15 years, and infringement convictions. People did not need to file an application for these convictions to be spent.

Other, more serious convictions may be spent if an application is made to the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria. An application can be made only after the conviction period has expired, which is from the date that the court made a finding of guilt.

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What Convictions can be Spent?

When a conviction has been spent, a person is not required to disclose the existence of the spent conviction or any information in relation to it. This makes it easier for people to do things like apply for jobs and access housing.

Some of the serious convictions that are eligible for application to be spent include any convictions with a sentence of more than 30 months’ imprisonment, convictions for a sexual offence, and convictions for a serious violent offence.

Fixed Priced Spent Convictions Applications

RV Legal offer a spent convictions application service for a fixed price. You can work with an experience and qualified lawyer to have your conviction spent for $1000. This price is all inclusive, so you won’t be left with any unexpected payments or expenses when you work with the team at RV Legal.

Why Choose RV Legal?

At RV Legal, we pride ourselves on providing a better approach to criminal law. Our compassionate team work with people from all walks of life to navigate the legal system, talking through your options and working closely with you to achieve the best possible outcome. We make sure we understand your circumstances fully so we can offer the advice and guidance, and we take a non-judgmental and humanising approach to working with clients.

If you have been convicted of a crime and are eligible for the Spent Convictions Scheme, we can help you to file an application with the Magistrates’ Court, and remove your offence from your criminal record. We will be with you every step of the way to explain the process and ensure you are receiving fair treatment in the criminal justice system.

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