What are Intervention Orders? What Do They Mean?

Intervention orders are designed to protect people who are being harassed or abused by others. They can be used to keep people safe from family members and partners, or from strangers who are threatening them. An intervention order can assist to make the applicant feel safer, as breaching an intervention order is a criminal offence

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The Role of Family Mediation in Family Law

Family law and mediation is an emotional and stressful area of the law. In cases of divorce and separation, all parties are likely to experience emotions such as grief, anger, pain and a sense of loss. This is especially true when there are children involved and custody is an issue. Ideally, couples are able to

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How to Contest A Will

Wondering if you have grounds to contest a Will? Disputes regarding Wills and estates are difficult and it can be a challenge to mount a successful challenge to a Will, however it is possible. There are a range of situations where the validity of a Will can be challenged or the wishes expressed in the

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Making Changes to your Will Through a Codicil

If you want to make changes to your Will, you may consider using a Codicil. A Codicil is a method for making changes to an existing Will so that you can add beneficiaries, change the distribution of assets and update clauses. Although this is a fast and efficient way of changing your Will, it is

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Benefits of Testamentary Trusts

Testamentary trusts offer many advantages for people putting together a Will who hope to have greater control over the distribution of their assets following their death. A testamentary trust allows for tax benefits, as well as protection of assets from creditors or family disputes. What is a Testamentary Trust? Testamentary trusts are trusts built into

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Sports Law and the Role of Sports Lawyers

Are you curious about the intersection between sport and the law? Are you wondering what the role of a sports lawyer is? Sports law is a fascinating niche of legal practice, with many facets including disciplinary action, doping, disputes and employment. What is Sports Law? Sports law relates primarily to sporting clubs, athletes and people

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