Fixed Price Probate & Letters Of Administration

Are you navigating the aftermath of a loved one’s passing and require assistance with probate or letters of administration? Concerned about unpredictable legal fees? RV Legal has a solution that caters to your needs – fixed price probate and letters of administration services.

At RV Legal, we offer a straightforward fixed price service for probate and letters of administration, ensuring you’re fully aware of the costs from the outset. No more guesswork, no surprise fees – just a fixed price tailored to small value estates.

We understand that the probate process can be intricate and often emotional. By offering fixed pricing, we aim to remove financial uncertainty, enabling you to focus on what truly matters during this challenging time.

And while our service price remains consistent, our advice adapts to each individual case. You can expect personalised legal counsel, ensuring the estate is administered in accordance with the deceased’s wishes and in line with Australian legal requirements.

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How We Can Help with Fixed Price Probate & Letters Of Administration

Our dedicated team at RV Legal is here to guide you through every step, whether it’s applying for probate, managing the probate of a will, or applying for letters of administration. We ensure that every detail is addressed, allowing for a smooth and legally compliant transition of assets.

Why Choose RV Legal for Probate and Letters of Administration?

When dealing with the complexities of probate and the challenges of obtaining letters of administration, you need a trustworthy probate lawyer by your side. RV Legal stands as one of the premier probate lawyers in Melbourne, dedicated to offering affordable and transparent services to Victorians.

Our fixed price service includes everything – from in-depth consultations to the execution of necessary legal documentation. Our seasoned wills and probate lawyers approach each case with compassion, understanding the profound significance of ensuring a loved one’s final wishes are respected.

You can have peace of mind knowing that our adept team will manage all aspects, guaranteeing that every requirement is met in accordance with Australian law.


Probate & Letters of Administration: $1,500 (inc GST)*

*Conditions Apply. Conditions relate to small value estates only. High value estates may require a quote.

Contact Us About Fixed Price Probate & Letters Of Administration

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Choose RV Legal – your reliable partner in navigating probate and letters of administration in Melbourne.