At RV Legal, we’re proud to provide a range of legal services to assist our clients. Our experienced, professional and knowledgeable team can help with legal enquiries ranging from prenuptial agreements to wills and estates. We have specialist legal knowledge in a range of areas so that you can be certain that you are receiving good, practical advice that will help to achieve the best outcome for you.

RV Legal has extensive experience working for people who are the victims of criminal conduct. We offer a completely non-judgemental, empathetic ear to people during this difficult time in their lives, helping them to work through complex legal jargon and court processes.

Since our beginnings, our team has expanded, and we have widened our expertise into other areas of law. RV Legal can help with a wide range of legal needs, taking a collaborative approach to work with you towards a common goal.

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Wills and Estates

Having a will prepared by a qualified lawyer is the best thing you can do to protect your assets and ensure your wishes are respected after your passing. We provide impartial and practical advice to assist in the process of preparing wills and administering estates. Whether you’re looking for advice or wanting to draft your final wishes, talk to us.

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Fixed Price Wills

RV Legal offers a fixed price Will service, providing a cost-effective solution for those looking to write a Will without the worry of hidden fees or unexpected costs. Their service includes a thorough consultation to ensure your Will and estate reflect your wishes, with the price remaining constant regardless of your needs. This approach offers transparency and value, ensuring that your Will is legally binding and tailored to your individual circumstances, whether you have a simple estate or a complex asset portfolio. Our costs are:

  • Simple Wills $440 (inc GST)
  • Simple Will + Power of Attorney $660 (inc GST)
  • Simple Will + Power of Attorney+ Medical Authority $715 (inc GST)

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Fixed Price Probate & Letters of Administration

RV Legal offers fixed price services for probate and letters of administration, providing a cost-effective and transparent solution for those managing a loved one’s estate. With personalised legal counsel, RV Legal’s experienced team guides clients through the probate process, focusing on compliance with Australian law and the respectful administration of the deceased’s wishes.

Our cost for Probate & Letters of Administration is $1,980 (inc GST)*

*Conditions Apply. Conditions relate to small value estates only. High value estates may require a quote.

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Victims of Crime Compensation

As a victim of crime, it is common for people to feel overwhelmed, shocked, fearful, angry, or misunderstood. The justice system is often a confusing place with slow processes, and it can be difficult for people to navigate during a time of distress. RV Legal are passionate about providing support to victims of crime, making the process as straight forward as possible and providing compassion and guidance throughout.

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Fixed Price Binding Financial Prenuptial Agreements

Binding financial agreements (BFAs), commonly known as prenuptial agreements, are legal documents designed to simplify asset division following a relationship breakdown. These agreements, which can include arrangements for children, inheritances, and family businesses, are tailored to individual relationships and ensure legal bindingness and fairness, backed by RV Legal’s expert family law advice. RV Legal’s fixed price for a Binding Financial Agreement is $1,800 (ex GST).

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