Fixed Price Binding Financial Prenuptial Agreements

Binding financial agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements (or prenups), are legal documents that make it easier to divide assets following the breakdown of a relationship. If you’re interested in securing your assets before you commit to a serious relationship, but you’re concerned about a binding financial agreement cost, a fixed price option is the best choice for you.

A Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) can reduce the stress and financial difficulty of a separation. The end of a marriage or significant relationship can be an upsetting time, however it can be made easier when there is no conflict over the division of assets. BFAs allow couples to separate amicably, without the need for mediation or court action over property and other assets.

Binding Financial Agreements can be entered into at any point during a relationship, and are most commonly begun prior to a marriage. They specify the way in which a couple agrees to divide their assets, which can include property, financial resources and financial support or maintenance of one partner by the other. They can also detail arrangements for children, inheritances, family businesses and more.

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How We Can Help with Fixed Price Binding Financial Agreements

RV Legal works closely and collaboratively with our clients to draft and finalise Binding Financial Agreements. We ensure that these legal documents are properly executed to prevent any arguments or court interferences about the agreed distribution of property. RV Legal can assist with BFAs including:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements

Why Choose RV Legal?

No couple wants to imagine that they will one day separate, but sadly it is a reality that many people have to consider. A Binding Financial Agreement protects your savings and assets in the event that your relationship ends, and prevents a lot of the resentment and conflict that can come from the division of assets when there is no agreement in place.

RV Legal understands what a delicate matter a prenuptial agreement can be and we provide supportive, non-judgemental and practical advice throughout the process of drafting and executing the agreement. We can help you feel secure that any property you accumulated prior to your relationship is safe. We can also help you to avoid a prolonged argument at the end of a relationship by drafting a n agreement which will result in a timely solution to any dispute.

As experts in family law, we will ensure that your agreement is legally binding and cannot be declared void by the courts. We work closely with our clients to take into account all relevant factors, including their capacity to earn an income, value of their assets, financial liabilities, their superannuation entitlements, and any children and other dependents.


RV Legal’s fixed price for a Binding Financial Agreement is $2,000 (inc GST).

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