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Types of Assault Charges

In Victoria, assault charges are outlined in the Crimes Act 1958 and Summary Offences Act 1966. Depending on the nature, intention and severity of the assault committed, it will be allocated a category that will determine the punishment that follows. In Victoria there are several degrees of assault that a person can be charged with.

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man holding jail bars

Your Guide to Bail Applications

Have you been charged with a criminal offence and want to make an application for bail? You should always work with an experienced criminal lawyer during the bail application procedure. Find out more about bail applications, breaching bail and more. What is Bail? Bail refers to the process that allows a person to be released

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man getting a fine

How to Appeal or Dispute Victorian Speeding Fines

If you have received a speeding fine, find out your options for appealing, disputing or paying your fine. There are certain circumstances when a fine can be reviewed and dismissed so that you will not have to pay it. You have the option of requesting a review or taking your matter to court. What Happens

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