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Why You Need a Power of Attorney

Do you have a Power of Attorney? Many Australians may not realise the risks involved with not nominating a person to act in your best interests in case you are unable to do so. Recent journalist investigations have revealed the neglect of people placed in the care of the state when they become incapacitated. To

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What is a Power of Attorney?

Do you need a power of attorney in Victoria? A power of attorney (POA) allows you to nominate someone to act in your interests if you are not able to do so. Appointing someone as your power of attorney can protect you if something happens and you need someone to manage your financial or personal

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Workers Compensation for Stress – What you need to know

Have you experienced extreme stress in the workplace? Have you suffered a psychological injury through your work? If you need to take stress leave from your job, workers compensation is available to help you cover the costs and recoup any lost income. However, there are steps you need to go through to claim workers compensation

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